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Mar 20, - Lance Armstrong has always been a complete douchebag. He's an arrogant asshole who was well known for bullying his cycling team extensively and being the hub of all the illegal doping activity. Throughout this whole fiasco of lies about doping and cheating he's gone on the counter attack, sued people. Lance Armstrong: Six Surprising Moments From His 'Esquire' Interview | Hollywood Reporter Suzy. Age: 26. Genuine English Rose with adorable accent- I'm here in the States for a good time not a long time! Just watch videos of him and you'll see why he's an idiot - 19ROXX. Floyd Landis says Lance Armstrong was a jerk to the Peloton who enjoyed pushing people around and. Bella. Age: 23. Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile Biggest Jerk Athletes Dec 18, - Lance Armstrong Finally Gets It – It's Not Really About Doping, It's About Being an Asshole. Leave a reply. American cyclist Lance Armstrong may be considered a major fraud to anti-doping fanatics. However, to most people, he will likely go down in history as one of greatest competitors the sport of cycling. Jan 17, - In , right after publishing his soon-to-be bestseller, Lance Armstrong's War, journalist Daniel Coyle was asked, “What's our biggest misconception about Lance Armstrong?” Coyle, who had spent more than a year shadowing Armstrong, gave a curious reply: “That he's a nice guy,” he answered. At the.

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Alexa. Age: 22. Hi dear Aug 20, - HIDE CAPTION. Seven voices on Lance Armstrong Worshiped, then demonized, few people polarize opinion quite like Lance Armstrong, perhaps even more so as he seeks rehabilitation in the court of the public view. He's showing some humility, he needs to stop being an asshole and be nice. He has. Feb 8, - Johan Bruyneel has poured scorn on Greg LeMond over his involvement in recent investigations into mechanical doping, labeling the American an 'asshole' and arguing that he has an unnatural obsession with tarnishing the reputation of Lance Armstrong. Total, complete jerk who can hit a stationary ball. Big deal!M+4. Tainted individual playing the most useless sport V 27 Comments VoteE. 2 Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong. I live in Pittsburgh, which hosted the Thrift Drug Classic back in the early 90s. Lance won it in 92 and 93 and each time he visited the city.


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