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Nov 23, - It Happened to Me: I Had a Golden Shower. At the very beginning of what I now know was a mid-life crisis, I let a guy pee on me. Author: kerry-cohen; Publish Also, he could have recorded the whole thing and put it up on the Internet, could have ruined my career as both writer and teacher. She was right, I. Into the Den - Jesse Mattson - Google Книги Darling. Age: 30. Posted: Saturday, September 23, 2017 12:35 AM I had one plan after five dry years, and it was to fuck. Talking to my aunt about things gave me an energy boost. I hated talking about my feeling with anybody, but We arrived back at the house around nine o'clock and I jumped in the shower. I heard the door open and I figured it was Mickey or Blake coming in to take a piss. “Which one of you degenerates is going to pass out. Hunter. Age: 24. i'm here to become a reality in your innermost desires! Is it normal to urinate in the bath and shower? Nov 25, - My Aunt Sawed Me Bathing And Peeing: A true, personal story from the experience, I Like Golden Showers. hello i am 18 years old and this is real and she started peeing and ordered me to drink her pee it was hot pee and some weird take..i drank her hot pee and gave me towel to cover my body. That task alone was pissing me right off. To have to get up and get dressed, so I started to sleep in the clothes I had on to save time and then drive a few miles down the road, so I could take a shower at my aunt's house. All this before I even set off to work. I could not chop somebody hair with armpits that stunk of body odour.

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Phoenix. Age: 28. Hot kisses from muriel ! The times of bathing, of pissing into the cup after he left the bathroom, are over. Just as well. But I should figure out whether his aunt's middle name was really Sarah, or whether that was just the name the Germans put on her visa to signify her race. MORE We both like to give as well as receive golden showers. Meeting. During an occasional visit to our house Aunt Lo came by our bedroom to drop off some girly gifts she brought for us, but before she handed out one single gift she began sniffing out our room like a hound dog in heat. What's that and who's that. "Who didn't take a shower today? it's funky in here ladies. An ocean load of tears. Nov 30, - chigirl agony aunt Pee smells. And it leaves stains after a while. Have you ever scrubbed a toilet? Have you ever smelt a toilet? That's why I don't pee in the shower it's bad enough to that the toilet smells like pee, don't need the shower to reek as well. I don't know if people do by themselves, but I'd find it.


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