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Jan 20, - Many swear words in Arabic center on genitals, sex, prostitution etc. 4) Ayreh Feek Pronounced as: AY-REE FEE-K. This is the common equivalent of “fuck you” or “screw you.” This is a common expression between friends or prior to a gruesome fistfight. It literally means “my penis in you.” 5) Telhas Teeze. Legality regarding "cuss" words in public - Ars Technica OpenForum Rosalva. Age: 20. ......Only for really generous sugar daddy :) Have you no shame? So while an officer may not normally ticket someone doing 68 in a 65mph zone, if you're doing it in a car that has "FUCK YOU" and "LICK MY BALLS" .. Courts have protected bumper stickers with "swear words", so I don't see why spraypainting your vehicle with the same wouldn't be similarly protected. Anna. Age: 26. My name is Gabriela I am an independent escort who provide a high quality and discreet companion for the time being to tantalise, tease and play with you Tamil Language Mar 6, - My research concerns only Icelandic words, however cursing in English is popular among young Icelanders too. Riddu þér Fuck you (as a promise) Mömmuriðill! Motherfucker Ríddu mömmu þinni! Fuck your mom! Heilagur mömmuriðill! Holy motherfucker! Lick your grandmother's pussy, you cunt! Cardi B Lick lyrics Watch audio of Cardi B - Lick Lyrics Here iluze.info iluze.info

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Ingrid. Age: 25. Call for an experience you'll never forget!! Porca troia, Fucking hell, (46%) (54%). Porco Dio / Porco Iddio, (Blasphemy) literally: "Pig God", (81%) (19%). Porco dio! Fuckin' god! (57%) (43%). Posso leccare il tua figa? Can I lick your pussy, (56%) (44%). Sembri un peni, You look like a penis, (40%) (60%). Sorca, Cunt, (63%) (37%). Sti cazza, Fuck that, (39%) (61%). How to Swear in Tamil - Akkula thukki kami di - Lift your hand and show. gotha chunni umbu, lick your mothers dick, (20%) (80%). kaai, breasts, (81%) (19%). kaai amuki, one who presses the breast, (69%) (31%). kadiki, one who bites the otha, fuck your mom, (47%) (53%). oththa, fuck you, (78%) (22%). paal pappaali. In English, there is practically only one highly offensive and broadly used curse word: 'fuck.' With some In Polish, thanks to prefixes and changes caused by conjugation and/or declination, swearing becomes an art. As a way of When you drop a heavy box on your foot you say 'oh, fuck' in English or 'o, kurwa' in Polish.


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