Orgasm causes nausea

It used to happen only once in awhile, but it seems recently that everytime I achieve orgasm I feel nauseated. endorphins, adrenaline) and it can cause nausea, lightheadedness, raise and then fast drop of blood pressure, and don't forget, your heart is racing, so that increases the flow of these chemicals. Oh, yes! Oh blech. - sex orgasm nausea | Ask MetaFilter Ashley. Age: 19. I'm a unique blend of sexy looks and intelligence - with me, there won't be any boring moment! Stimulating the vagus nerve decreases the heart rate and lowers blood pressure, both of which can cause nausea. Jul 21, - Common physical symptoms include: flu-like symptoms such as feverishness and a runny nose;; mild to severe headaches;; nausea;; back-ache and muscle pain; and; allergy-like symptoms such as itchy eyes and nose, sneezing, swollen lips and throat, rashes and hives. Causes. Nobody really knows. Kaiya. Age: 26. My name is Ami and I a Former porn star, holding incalls in Edison and Outcalls to most of North/Central NJ 14 Wow!-Worthy Orgasm Facts May 15, - strangest things happen when orgasm. Getty Images. Orgasm Side Effect: Sickness. It's called post-orgasm illness syndrome, and it's a constellation of symptoms that have been reported in men after ejaculation, including severe fatigue, intense warmth, and a temporary flu-like state. Basically, your body. Feb 16, - An allergic reaction to his semen usually manifest itself in other ways and doesn't usually cause nausea. The nauseas feeling after sex is usually caused by either a hormonal imbalance, or from the cervix being hit continuously during sex. The hormonal imbalance can be caused by taking a hormonal.

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Marsha. Age: 18. Hello guys, I am an independent escort model with amazing body and very cute face May 30, - Experts believe that activating one part of the parasympathetic nervous system during orgasm may trigger a different branch of it, too, which causes sneezing. Sickness. Labelled 'post-orgasm illness syndrome', this is a side-effect that can affect men after ejaculation. The researchers describe men reporting. Apr 1, - Like the title says I'm feeling nauseous after every time I masturbate, this has been going on since I started masturbating when I was years old and I don't know why I feel nauseous Is it because I tense right before the climax? Someone help me. Angel. is offline. Jan 1, - My boyfriend always gets nauseous after ejaculation and I was wondering why. A little background on him. Up until 6 months ago, he had not had.


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