Black ops domination scoring system

Recent reader, first post..I used the search function earlier, so if I missed it, maybe someone can point out where it is if so. My question is about how the scoring is calculated in Domination. Does a team earn points by time held at each location? Kills while locations are held? Or some combination of the 2?Domination scoring system. Domination Scoring? - Activision Community Nicki. Age: 30. Beautiful seductive mistress in the midtown Atlanta area That could be a possible reason why you earned Warbirds more easily. Domination was added into Call of Duty: I've been watching beta gameplay and I've noticed that domination isnt giving out very much score. With the lowest killstreak being probably points and only getting 50 points a kill and for capturing a flag I feel it'll be very difficult to even get those lower scorestreaks and virtually impossible to get theĀ  How do you score on domination I thought it was li. Tyler. Age: 28. I love my life Domination Jan 31, - Its important to note these are the 'standard' scoring systems. If you play on a PC the game lobby can have Domination is the 3-point objective mode; capture and hold points until your score is ; Ground War is either Team Deathmatch or Domination with larger parties; 9 vs 9. Demolition sets a team of. Wasnt this always the score system up til AW when they decided to give full score for a kill? Edit: It was 50 points for a kill up until Black Ops 2. Edit 2: The low scores used to make people actually play the objective where now with full score for a kill its used by people to level up quick by getting twice as.

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Vanda. Age: 22. I will be your masseuse highlight my plastic, my sensuality and my femenity with delicacy for your relaxation Dec 4, - In treyarch games I never had an issue with the point system. It's more rewarding, objective is more rewarding, and it makes the game really fun. (Also why I hated safeguard in bo3, so boring.) Remember when you could get 10 kills in black ops with hardline and have a blackbird, chopper, and dogs? Next time you get in one of those lobbies set a class with and RPG (without flak) and kill yourself over and over. You'll get xp per suicide and can finish a game with over 60,xp. I played with some guys before that were running the hacked lobby and we all would go and get 50, xp. I prestiged and in just a. In this Video i talk about the CALL OF DUTY POINTS BRIBE SYSTEM, that ACTIVISION and TREYARCH added.


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